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SpicyBunny©, program for rabbits based on natural products
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SpicyBunny©, program based on natural products for rabbits

Products related to SpicyBunny©

PlusVet Animal Health, feed additives, feed additives, plant extracts, essential oils, phytobiotics, phytochemicals, phytogenics, replace antibiotics growth promoters, natural products, digestive health, poultry, poultry, swine, pigs, ruminants, aquaculture, rabbits

PlusProtect Digestive©, oral emulsion containing microbiocide and prebiotic phytogenics. Intended for poultry and rabbits.

DigestoCid©, innovative premium acidifier in liquid containing organic acids, phytogenics and medium chain fatty acids. Intended for poultry and swine.

SupraPlus©, oral emulsion containing essential oils, prebiotics, electrolytes and vitamin E. Intended for poultry, rabbits, swine and ruminants.

GrowthPlus©, premix powder that includes phytogenics, organic acids and mycotoxin binders, to be added to poultry, rabbit and aquaculture feeds.

PlusBreathe©, oral emulsion with fresh flavor to be given during heat stress and risky moments.

PlusBind©, mycotoxin binder for all species and ages.

PlusBind Bio©, mycotoxin binder and prebiotic, intended for poultry, rabbits and swine.

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