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In October 2019, a success case in a duck egg producer proved that using GrowthPlus© and PhytoMax© can significantly improve laying rate in duck layers.
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Success case: GrowthPlus© and PhytoMax© boost laying rate in duck layers

In October 2019, a success case in a duck egg producer proved that using GrowthPlus© and PhytoMax© can significantly improve laying rate in duck layers.

Circumstances of the case

The trial animals were 13,000 458-day-old duck layers, which were divided into trial group and control group:

Trial group: GrowthPlus© was mixed with feed during five days. From day 6 to day 17, PhytoMax© was added to drinking water.

Control group: Normal health and feed program of the farm.

All the other health, nutritional and management parameters, as well as the environmental conditions, were the same for both groups.


As can be seen from the above figures, at the beginning of the test the laying rate in the trial group was significantly lower than in the control group.

During the first 6 days , the laying rate of the trial group continued to rise.

From the 7th day to the end of the test, the laying rate of the trial group was always higher than that of the control group.

After stopping the experiment on the 18th day, the laying rate rate of the experimental group still showed an upward trend.


The use of GrowthPlus© and PhytoMax© can significantly increase the laying rate in duck layers and maintain a high egg laying rate even after stopping using products.

Products of choice

GrowthPlus© is added to feed to maintain and improve digestive health. It is formulated with synergistic ingredients:

  • Bactericidal and fungicidal plant extracts, combined with organic acids for better effectiveness, that reduce the number of pathogenic microbes in the digestive system.
  • Plant extracts with prebiotic effect, that promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut.
  • Immunostimulant and antioxidant plant extracts.
  • Silicates with mycotoxin binding function.

It is especially useful in cases of gizzard diseases, necrotic enteritis, feed passage and other enteritis.  It is also used as a natural growth promoter and to replace antibiotic growth promoters.

PhytoMax© is a combination of vitamins, chelated calcium, microminerals and essential oils to be given through drinking water. It is intended for layers and breeders to:

  • Maintain the levels of calcium and magnesium needed for optimal egg production.
  • Reinforce skeletal health.
  • Prevent cage fatigue.
  • Stimulate the hepatic metabolism and the immune system.
  • Improve the quality of the egg and the health of day-old chicks.
  • Avoid the drop of the laying rate produced by stress (management, vaccines, hot weather, etc…)
  • At the start of the laying period, to boost productivity.
  • Prolong the productive life of the hen.

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