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In September 2019, a success case in a leading sheep farm proved that ActiPlus© is effective to fight diarrhea in lambs.
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Success case: ActiPlus©, the natural treatment against diarrhea in lambs

In September 2019, a success case in a leading sheep farm proved that ActiPlus© is effective to fight diarrhea in lambs.


The test animals were 9 lambs, 10-15 day-old, affected by diarrhea.

They were treated with ActiPlus© administered directly in the mouth, once a day, during 2 to 4 days, until the signs of diarrhea disappeared.


After the administration of ActiPlus© for 2-4 days (an average of 2.7 days), the diarrhea disappeared in all the animals. The daily weight gain during the trial was an average of 25.52 grams/day.

Pictures before the treatment

Pictures after the treatment

Product of choice

ActiPlus© is a liquid emulsion that contains:

  • Essential oils with antioxidant, immunostimulant and microbiocide, which have a positive action on the digestive system.
  • Plant extracts with prebiotic effect
  • Electrolytes to maintain hydration
  • Fast absorbing sugars as an energy source
  • Vitamin E, essential for young mammals

It is intended for young mammals such as piglets, calves, lambs and kids during the lactation period, and is administered directly into the mouth of the animal.

Picture of lamb: Unsplash. 

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