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ChampionPig© is our program based on natural ingredients, to be used from gestation to the end of nursery, that is able to deliver 5-10 kg more at slaughter, averaging 6.5 kg more, and a 60% reduction of mortality at the end of the nursery period.
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The philosophy behind our ChampionPig© program

ChampionPig© is our program based on natural ingredients that focuses on sows and piglets

ChampionPig© is our program based on natural ingredients, to be used from gestation to the end of nursery, that is able to deliver 5-10 kg more at slaughter, averaging 6.5 kg more, and a 60% reduction of mortality at the end of the nursery period.

Additional benefits:

– Small piglets are the most benefited from the program and catch up with heavier piglets.

– Earlier slaughter allows to save about 27 kg of feed per animal.

The program intends to

  • Improve and maintain gut health in sows and piglets from birth to end of nursery
  • Boost immunity in the sow and in the piglet, to ensure resistance to infections
  • Boost feed intake and feed use, especially in lactating sows and piglets

The philosophy behind our ChampionPig© program

ChampionPig© focuses on pregnant and lactating sows and piglets until end of nursery. It has been proven that small positive changes during these stages are beneficial for the whole productivity of the farm. On the other hand, the cost of such changes is much lower than improvements made during the fattening stage.

In pregnant and lactating sows

Digestive infections and constipation during gestation, especially during the weeks before farrowing, are related to Postpartum Dysgalactia Syndrome (insufficient secretion of colostrum and milk) and Mastitis Metritis Agalactia. (More information here)

On the other hand, during farrowing and all through lactation, pathogens from the feces of the sow spread to the piglets and start digestive diseases. (More information here)

The ChampionPig© program prevents constipation and improves gut health in pregnant sows, helping to achieve better weights of the piglets at birth. Through a better gut health, it also helps to reduce the cases of Postpartum Dysgalactia Pyndrome and Mastitis Metritis Agalactia, as well as the occurrence of diarrhea in suckling piglets.

The plant extracts contained in ChampionPig© have immune boosting properties, increasing the antibody content of colostrum and milk. They also stimulate feed intake in lactating sows.

In suckling piglets

Before the piglet is born, the digestive system is sterile. From the very moment of birth, microbial colonization begins and culminates a few days later, when the number of microorganisms reaches 10E3-10E14/gram, depending on the region of the digestive system.

During the colonization period, gut flora is not stable and therefore if a sufficient number of pathogenic microorganisms arrive to the digestive system, the beneficial flora cannot withstand the infection and the digestive disease begins.

In suckling piglets, ChampionPig© reinforces gut health, preventing diarrhea, boosts immunity, making the animal more resistant to diseases, keeps the piglets hydrated at all times and promotes the intake of creep feed.

As a result of the use of ChampionPig©, the mortality during the suckling period is cut down by half and the body weight at weaning improves by 10-15%.

Piglet weight at weaning is important because it has a marked effect on post-weaning growth rate, the occurrence of post-weaning diarrhea and weight at slaughter.

In weaned piglets

Weaning is a traumatic time for the young piglet, as the animal faces sudden social, environmental and nutritional stressors. During the first 3 to 4 days post-weaning, it loses weight and may not consume enough feed or water to meet its needs. As a consequence, immediately after weaning there is a significant slowdown on the growth rate, that drops below the genetic potential of the animal.

Shortening the post-weaning gap results in many productive and economic benefits, such in a 10% better daily weight gain during the whole nursery period; 7% savings in feed during the nursery and fattening periods; and 8 to 14 days less needed to reach market weight.

Use of ChampionPig© immediately after weaning results in 20-30% better daily weight gain, thanks to its positive effect on gut health, levels of hydration, immunity and feed intake.


More information about ChampionPig©

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