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The respiratory tract is equipped with three main defense mechanisms that protect the animal against infections, remove foreign particles and keep the respiratory airways clean: Mucus, a sticky substance produced by specialized cells in the in the nose, sinuses, mouth, pharynx, trachea and lungs. It traps dust, pathogens and foreign particles. Cilia, tiny structures that have the shape of small hairs. They move continuously in the direction of the beak and carry away the mucus that contains dust, pathogens and foreign particles, expelling them outside the body. If cilia become paralyzed or are lost, mucus on the surface of the trachea cannot be cleared, and entrapped pathogens, dust and particles may reach the lungs and air sacs and cause infections. Scavenging cells, that actively search and destroy foreign particles and microorganisms.
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In one minute: Cilia, the defenders of respiratory health

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PlusBreathe© contains essential oils with natural antiseptic, antioxidant, expectorant and mucolytic activity. It has a refreshing taste.

It is indicated to improve the functioning of the respiratory system and to mitigate heat stress in birds, ruminants, pigs and rabbits of all ages. It can also be nebulized in the farm environment.

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